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Guitar lesson ADE plus its combination will improve beginners' skill


Since guitar chord in this section also related to A D E word. Thus, this section could be known as “A D E plus” combination. However, the chord employs minor notes and its relations, which are: Am (A minor), Dm, and E7, plus C and G7. Though chord F is related to Dm, yet, it will not be discussed. In addition, there is strumming technique lesson to play the chord. Before you step on that lesson, you need to learn its diagram:


Chord diagram Am, Dm, E7 plus C, and G7

  Am chord   Dm chord   E7 chord  
  C chord   G7 chord  
The practice below is similar to the previous practice. Play all the chords one by one as you want. Then, practice the movement of those chords gradually, as follows:
  • Play Am chord then move to Dm, back to Am.

  • Play Dm chord then move to E7, back to Dm.

  • Play Am chord then move to E7, back to Am.

  • Play C  chord  then  move  to G7, back  to C.

  • After that, practice the movement of all those chords until you master it:

  Guitar lesson 1  
  Guitar lesson 2  
  Guitar lesson 3  
  Guitar lesson 4  
  Guitar lesson 5  
Ballad songs in minor notes will be more captivating if they are accompanied with picking technique rather than strumming technique. The lesson of picking technique is called: Tirando>>
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